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Pizzalina was created to celebrate the simple art and sensibility of enriching a community through real, sincere food.  It was born of the belief that simple food, made lovingly, by hand, with the highest quality ingredients, served in a space where all are welcome and treasured, is an honest day’s labor and a higher calling. It was born of a desire to rekindle fellowship, and the ritual of breaking bread together, which is the very core of being human.


Keep it simple, use the best quality ingredients, step out of the way and let the ingredients sing for themselves. Every ingredient on our menu has a story, from the Italian milled 00 flour and San Marzano tomatoes to the local Ramini Bufala mozzarella. We personally source every ingredient for the best quality, taste, freshness, while always trying to support our local economy first. Almost everything is made in house, right down to our mozzarella, and we are proud that each pizza is hand stretched, unique, and one-of-a-kind. Creativity and local, fresh ingredients is the driving force that inspires our combinations, and keeps us having fun with every new dish placed on our menu.


3 DAYS - slow, natural fermentation & high quality, Italian, whole grain flour makes our delicious pizza crust.

700 DEGREES - is the ideal temperature in our wood-fired oven to create the infamous Neapolitan blistered crust.

90 SECONDS - about the time it takes to cook our pizzas.

2 DAYS + 20 LBS - the time it takes and the amount of fresh local curd to make each batch of our mozzarella.

THE ONLY OIL - in our pantry is California and Italian, organic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, or EVOO as we lovingly refer to it.

THE ONLY SALT - in our pantry is English and Italian sea salt.

THE ONLY CANS - in our pantry are organic olives from Sicily and San Marzano tomatoes from near Mt Vesuvius, Itay.

NAMED AFTER - a free association word play combining pizza (my favorite food) and bambina (the baby girl I always wanted). 



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In the business of entertaining, our top priority is people.  We treat each other, our suppliers, and our guests, with kindness, respect and generosity. We try our hardest to make Pizzalina a very special experience for everyone involved, because we care....and that’s what a good host does!


Our commitment to giving back to the community is just as important to us as serving the community. Pizzalina supports many local schools, athletic and artistic programs and institutions, as well as numerous, local non-profit foundations and organizations. We give generously through our Tithe-It-Tuesday program, donations, sponsorships and gift cards, and we gratefully acknowledge that, “what goes around, comes around”.  It does take a village!